WithinVision, LLC , Anita E. Stauffer, PhD

Leadership development is about finding ways to interest and motivate people at a personal level, and Matrix Insight Solutions consultants, like Craig Robinson, will help you do that. With his expert assistance, I’ve added the Leadership Dashboard by Matrix Insights to my toolkit.

Matrix is a research based software platform that helps me support transformational change. I’ve used the MBTI, FIRO, EQi 2.0 and others. Matrix provides fast, integrated and flexible learning on a digital platform that supports learning between coaching sessions or team development meetings. In addition, it’s a cost-effective model for clients.

Proactive development efforts are the best path to reaching the best of our capabilities. As a clinical psychologist, I worked to help clients react to problems – often at the crisis stage. Now, in my work in corporate settings, my goal is to collaborate with people to own their strengths and to discover the strategies that promote the achievement of their personal and organizational goals.

Professionals want personalized insights that make sense and help them make a difference in the outcomes that matter most. They want to be a part of high performing teams. They want to be self-aware, to be more effective in their interactions, and to understand what’s going on around them. Using the Matrix platform can support all of these goals by putting an emphasis on application and action.

Technology has a central role in culture today, and it is necessary to enable strong leadership development programs. Matrix is a tool that will provide the additional platform needed for a 21st century leadership development success.

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