"At Greenlight Networks our mission centers on the fiber optic network we’re building to empower our customers to live, work & play without limits. That mission is only possible through a combination of teamwork, dedication and technical expertise. Our team is growing very fast, and we ask a great deal of them to make our mission a reality. So we’re investing time and resources in further developing the teaming and leadership skills we need to succeed.

One way that investment manifests itself is every employee on our team is subscribed to the Leadership Dashboard. The Leadership Dashboard has helped us to be collaborative and more action-oriented in how we team, lead, and serve our customers.

Personally, I’ve found TeamPulse to be beneficial in its ability to help manage and promote team health. I’m also focused on my EQ and Coaching skills, and the Leadership Dashboard is making it simpler and faster to manage and maintain those skills. I’ve seen my team grow in a new dynamic direction because we now have personalized tools and new strategies to engage in more productive conversations and make better decisions.

If you want a more modern, sustainable approach to level up your team and your workplace, I recommend Matrix Insights. Go beyond traditional teaming tools, and try the “light speed” approach: the Leadership Dashboard by Matrix Insights."

Mark Murphy
President & CEO
Greenlight Networks

"I’ve just finished my Matrix Insights certification, and I am so impressed with the high quality tools available to me on the Leadership Dashboard. I am truly excited about the level of digital and dynamic development that I will be providing my clients. Being able to see my clients chosen areas of leadership development allows me to easily create online assignments relevant to their development.

I love that Matrix Insights sends tailored, weekly insights under my name, which further reinforces our learning relationship together. This has taken my consulting/coaching business to the next level, and I recommend this suite of tools to everyone who coaches, consults, or trains leaders and teams.


Bobby Johnson
Matrix Certified Coach, Founder, and President
Bright Perspective Coaching

"At the Watson School of Engineering we’ve begun integrating the Leadership Dashboard (by Matrix Insights) into how we train tomorrow’s engineers. We believe in making people skills central to how we equip our students to design their careers, and indeed their lives.

I subscribe my students to the Leadership Dashboard, which is simple, scalable, and personalized courseware. It’s great for teaching things like Emotional Intelligence, but it’s really like giving students a digital, “User’s Guide for Your Brain.” In engineering terms, it’s a guide to your own technology stack, the one in your head. And because it has a social dimension, it engages and empowers a learning experience around Team dynamics for project groups as well.

I use the Leadership Dashboard in my Systems Design class, and we assigned the Interaction Styles, and EQ Agility processments. I rapidly saw measurable impacts from the experience. Students found the “processments” to be very insightful and we talked in class about our Insights and new learning each week. I even had a colleague on faculty comment on this team’s ‘cohesiveness’ being one of the best he’s seen; which is directly related to the Interaction Styles, and EQ Agility courseware that powered our project group.

I also ran a Design Thinking workshop in 2018 using EQ Agility, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Participants in the workshop reported an 82% Net Promoter Score. I attribute that in part to how we incorporated EQ Agility to really unpack how Emotional Competencies like Empathy, Insightfulness, and Listening Generously power a Design Thinking ethic.

Thank you to Matrix Insights, and the Leadership Dashboard ! This resource is overdue, and destined to become standard issue for every self aware individual, and every high performing team.

Michael V. Testani
Director, Industrial Outreach
Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science

"In my coaching practice, I have two things I swear by. One is “Crucial Conversations.” The other is the Leadership Dashboard by Matrix Insights. Matrix Insights makes my life vastly easier by hand delivering tailored resources, personalized insights and digital reminders to my learners. It’s like giving my learners each their very own digital, dynamic “User’s Guide for Your Brain.” For that reason it’s tremendous with individuals, and it’s also an epiphany with teams.

Matrix Insights is the real time, hyper-personalized development engine I’ve been dreaming of to power the process of making better teams and leaders. More engaging, sticky, and impactful than traditional ‘assessments” it’s also so easy, and so scalable (read, cost effective) that going back isn’t even realistic any more. I’d sooner buy a rotary phone, or a film camera.

I use several of the new “processments” (particularly EQ Agility, Interaction Styles, and Essential Motivators). I also make extensive use of the Action Planning, and TeamPulse features. It’s a powerhouse. In the future everyone will have access to this sort of toolset, and I’m doing my part to introduce it to as many people as possible so I can credibly say I was doing it before it was a household name.


Laurie McGarvey
The McGarvey Group

"What I love about Matrix Insight’s Leadership Dashboard is that I can offer the answer to the “now what?” question asked by most who take assessments. Simply identifying the styles and motivations on a team is very different than having access to guidance on how to work effectively with the team. A leader receiving feedback from direct reports on how she is stifling initiative isn’t nearly as powerful as that feedback with strategies for improving.

The best example I had of this was an executive thoughtfully replying to a difficult request by a direct report. He carefully composed a response and asked me to look at it. I read it and immediately knew that it would not be received well given the profile of the recipient of the message. I simply asked the executive to go back to the Development Insights, and review the summaries and the interplay between the two of them. While the content of the message remained the same, the communication of it changed dramatically. The executive said to me that he learned a lesson in that moment. He had a tool at his disposal that he failed to use.

I include the Matrix Insights subscriptions whenever I can. I like that even after I leave an engagement, I leave the team with powerful tools and resources to continue their development.

Mary Beth Debus, President
Program Savvy Consulting

Mary Beth Debus

"The Leadership Dashboard is an amazing product which adds exceptional value both to me as a consultant and to my clients as the learners.  It offers a comprehensive, exceptionally well-developed and user friendly one-year leadership development and learning platform. Imagine walking into a library where everything about personality type and emotional intelligence is right at your fingertips – organized, categorized and available for instant identification and speedy application. That’s the Leadership Dashboard, by Matrix Insights, and it comes backed with expertise and support that is highly knowledgeable and committed to your success.


As a consultant, the benefits to me are innumerable.  I now stay in touch with my clients for an entire year, whether or not our assignments are short term or long term.  I am able to see my clients chosen areas of leadership development and easily create online assignments relevant to their development.  Additionally, Matrix Insights sends tailored, weekly insights under my name, which further reinforces our learning relationship together.  I cannot overstate the value that Matrix Insights and the Leadership Dashboard provide to me as a coach.

And my clients are equally enthusiastic!  First, they are surprised and delighted by the relevancy of their weekly insight tips.  I find them constantly talking about it and sharing their insights with one another. Additionally, they find the online resources invaluable, and access often when needing to flex or adapt their behavior for improved communication or conflict management.  They also find particularly useful the sections under stress – theirs and others. It has helped to defuse a number of tense situations.

The beauty of Matrix Insights is that learning is addressed on four different levels: Who am I? Who are you and I together? Who are we as a team or system together? And how do I create a specific, relevant and ongoing development plan?  Success is won through small steps and incremental gains, and Matrix insights provides this for you and your clients."

Deene Morris
MA, Organizational Leadership
Inspire Leadership

"Leadership development is about finding ways to interest and motivate people at a personal level, and Matrix Insight Solutions consultants, like Craig Robinson, will help you do that. With his expert assistance, I’ve added the Leadership Dashboard by Matrix Insights to my toolkit.

Matrix is a research based software platform that helps me support transformational change. I’ve used the MBTI, FIRO, EQi 2.0 and others. Matrix provides fast, integrated and flexible learning on a digital platform that supports learning between coaching sessions or team development meetings. In addition, it’s a cost-effective model for clients.

Proactive development efforts are the best path to reaching the best of our capabilities. As a clinical psychologist, I worked to help clients react to problems – often at the crisis stage. Now, in my work in corporate settings, my goal is to collaborate with people to own their strengths and to discover the strategies that promote the achievement of their personal and organizational goals.

Professionals want personalized insights that make sense and help them make a difference in the outcomes that matter most. They want to be a part of high performing teams. They want to be self-aware, to be more effective in their interactions, and to understand what’s going on around them. Using the Matrix platform can support all of these goals by putting an emphasis on application and action.

Technology has a central role in culture today, and it is necessary to enable strong leadership development programs. Matrix is a tool that will provide the additional platform needed for a 21st century leadership development success."

Anita E. Stauffer, PhD

"We’ve all done personality or culture analyses that were helpful…for about five minutes until we got back to our jobs!

Matrix Insights was the first HR tool my leadership team kept using and using until we actually got better at being a healthy organization.

The follow up messages, reminders all linked to our profiles and online tools, making it a tool that really hit the mark."

"The Matrix Insights coaching platform allows me to provide a ‘hi-touch’ experience for my clients which I find to be extremely helpful in accelerating personal growth and change.

Between regular coaching meetings, clients can log on to complete assigned discovery work, receive action item reminders on a customized schedule for chosen areas of focus or receive small bite sized insights specifically tailored to their needs.

These short, regular reminders, coupled with information on demand, provide my clients what they need to achieve results quickly."

Jean Porto

"I’ve never been a fan of HR tools. Then I saw Matrix Insights. I’ve been in corporate America for quite a while now, and I’ve seen many tools, and models that aspired to solve the challenges of team building, self-awareness, communication, and leadership. Almost universally I’ve found them all less helpful than they promised.

I’ve been using Matrix Insights for the last year, first with my manager, and peers. Now I’m using it with my reports, and the teams I work most closely with. We’ve even begun using it outside of my own department with Teams where we have ongoing working relationships that exceed traditional hierarchical boundaries. Because of what I’m learning from Matrix Insights, and the related changes I’m making in how I communicate, and collaborate, I’m a better colleague, a better leader, and even a better father.

I’ve changed for the better, both in how I communicate, and collaborate, but also how I listen, and decide. Matrix Insights has proven to be a tremendously helpful, and simple way for me to build not just self awareness, but beyond that arming me with specific, actionable strategies to build better relationships, foster superior team work, and realize the enviable workplace we all desire. I recommend Matrix insights without reservation."

Chris Gorecki

"Matrix Insights provides powerful tools which leverage my work as a coach and consultant. I’ve enjoyed consulting with MBTI and other tools for more than 30 years, but “The Matrix” has brought me into the 21st century. It helps me to serve my clients better, faster, deeper, and with greater impact.

The web-based interface and recursive approach keep the learning front and center with participants over the long haul. This is the furthest thing from the old style ‘one and done’ approach to personality and leadership workshops.

With international authority Dr. Roger Pearman behind the scenes, the research is bullet-proof. And, the Matrix is totally focused on behavior, learning and performance. I’ve been using it with good results in higher education, tech, science and nonprofit organizations.

Using the Matrix, my clients can conduct their assessments and absorb the rich content asynchronously in their own time. Some of them revisit the lessons multiple times. Then in our group and individual sessions we target application of the material to their team and leadership realities. And the video based modules are more accessible to some learning styles than a more traditional print-only content platform.

Last, but not least, the support team gets an A+ (I also teach in the school of business). They are responsive, zero in on the specific help I need, and clearly are walking the talk of the Matrix. They provide patient, individualized attention to help me through the learning curve and to provide the best service to my clients.

Matrix Insights has been a huge benefit in my consulting practice. I’ve discontinued or reduced my use of several other tools, including other personality tools and 360’s, because The Matrix covers those applications. It is making a great difference for my clients and me in our organization development work."

Scott Savage, M.A.,P.C.

"Even though we have just started working with Matrix Insights, I already see the benefits of this powerful tool, and the impact it is making on our organization. At its core, all the critical pieces needed for talent and leadership development are easily accessible. What sets Matrix Insights apart, however, is that each product is personalized to the unique developmental needs of the client. Leadership strategies are actionable, offer accountability relative to skill development, and focus on results.

If you are looking for a tool to actively engage your leaders and teams, Matrix Insights is the solution."

Kim Marino
Manager, Learning and Organizational Development
Independent Health

"I think Matrix Insights is one of the most powerful tools we’ve introduced into our own team of finance executives. It has provided us insights on how we can adapt to varying and necessary style differences.

When I look at my Matrix Insights profile, I first start by looking at me before I look at the team. Because it starts with me adapting my approach, and my thought, and how I interact. Our team has dramatically changed in our interactions, just in the last six months because we’re able to look at each other and say now I know why he or she needs this and I’m going to adapt to work towards that, or at least have an informed conversation about it. We are beginning to cascade this tool to all our managers and eventually our employees."

Dorothy Coleman
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

"The insight emails are pretty freaking bang on."

From a global technology/social media organization

"My favorite aspect of Matrix Insights is the insight emails. They are like fortune tellers and fortune cookies. They’ve helped me adjust on the go, and have been hugely transformational."

From a global technology/social media organization

"The results have been spot on with team dynamics, and have helped me improve a relationship with a specific co-worker. I’ve now realized a huge blindspot of mine about going with the flow."

From a global technology/social media organization

"I appreciate the common language and now have a better insight as to how and why people act."

From a global technology/social media organization

"Matrix Insights is genius. This is by far the best way I’ve found to get the most out of personality type, and actually engage the learner in what it means to build leadership agility for the long-term health of a team.

My clients on Matrix Insights are building better relationships, and leveraging their diverse styles and types in real time. In my first month using Matrix Insights, I already have clients reporting that Matrix Insights is central to how they’re unpacking, and solving simmering problems.

It was fast, and simple to get started on Matrix Insights. There was no complex certification, no up front fees, and no cumbersome training process. We’ll be using Matrix Insights wherever and whenever possible. Genius!"

Glenn Rupert
Vice-President and Co-Founder
The Rupert Group

"I have used several personality, and behavioral models in my work. They made sense as a self awareness tool for students. But Matrix Insights changed the game. Traditional behavioral and personality models left our students underwhelmed, and often asking, “So what?” Now, we have a simple yet powerful, and personalized way to answer that question. We’re engaging students in actionable ways to think, learn and develop valuable leadership agility across multiple dimensions.

If your work entails building self awareness, leadership, or teamwork, do yourself and the leaders you’re developing a favor: learn about the modern lenses on leadership development, go see MatrixInsights.com"

Karen Dowd
Assistant Dean of Students, Career Management and Corporate Engagement
Simon Business School

"Soft skills are in fact the hard part of business. So when we redesigned the way we develop soft skills to EMBAs and MBAs, we chose to power our new program with behavioral science, fueled by micro-learning, and connected with an engaging new technology. We’ve worked with Matrix Insights since 2014….(w)e replaced legacy behavioral tools from last century, in favor of the Matrix Insights approach: multi-media, cloud based, iterative and interactive approach to developing these critical qualitative talents. Our programs, and our graduates are better for it."

Carin Cole
Assistant Dean of Students
Simon Business School

"Matrix Insights offers a suite of tools that provides flexibility and a modern approach to building self awareness and improving team dynamics. It is easy to use, has a clean interface and provides multiple ways for the user and their team to move through the various components, reports, and videos. For MBTI especially, it’s nice to see Type done right!"

Karsten McNulty
Lead Consultant, Founder

"Matrix Insights helps shift our use of type models from an occasional edutainment novelty, to an everyday language for understanding and benefiting from individual differences across our team; I’ve been wanting a tool like this for years."

Brian J. Robertson

"In our organization, the Matrix Insights tool and concepts have kick-started a dialogue about how to facilitate more effective interactions among colleagues. The combination of self-awareness and relationship insights prompts employees to take an active role in managing their personal and professional development. Whether coaching in a group or individual setting, the tool has become an integral part of our leadership development initiatives including our Emerging Leaders Program. Recent program graduates unanimously applauded the Matrix Insights tool as the critical anchor that facilitated a robust and enduring developmental experience."

Stephanie Reh
Vice President, Administrative Services
Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc