with Linda V. Berens, Ph.D.
The Essential Motivator lens focuses on the core psychological needs and values that drive us. Understanding these needs and knowing when and how to flex when necessary, optimizes relationships and team success. Learn how teams apply knowledge of these patterns to become more effective. Our revered presenter, Linda Berens is a past President of the APTI (Association for Psychological Type International), an internationally recognized organizational consultant, and leading personality type theorist. With over 30 years experience helping individuals, teams, and organizations reach their potential, Linda is a principal designer and one of the visionary forces behind the new Matrix Insights platform. Linda's professional mission has centered on educating and empowering practitioners, and coaches. She is recognized internationally for her theoretical contributions to the field of psychological type and for developing user-friendly training materials for practical application of understanding individual differences. She is an author, mother, entrepreneur, and a driving force for socially conscious leaders, teams, and workplaces.

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