with Dario Nardi, Ph.D.
Do you or your client have a leader's brain? What does that even mean? And can we improve leadership skills? After some brain basics, we focus on the prefrontal ("executive") regions of the brain behind the forehead. Participants will get to profile their likely strength and usage with four particular regions. These regions link to personality models like DiSC and MBTI. Beyond that, we have capacity in all four -- often with a primary and a secondary executive -- and what is key is when and how well we use them together. Moreover, each our "executives" is more than cognitive. It effects emotions, attention, presence (physicality), and so forth. The presentation includes tips for working with the 4 executive styles. Dr. Dario Nardi, is a recognized personality type expert, author, and speaker around the world. As a professor at UCLA, Dario has taught on Human Complex Systems and has conducted research into the connection between brain activity patterns and personality. In addition to exploring the relationship between neuroscience, personality, and behavior, Dario has core interests in "social situated action", or understanding behavior through a systems lens. Dario has written books, developed personality assessments, and designed software all focused on applying personality knowledge to personal development. At Matrix Insights, Dario has applied his research, personality-type expertise, and teaching experience toward building a unique, interactive multi-lens approach to personality-centered development.

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