with Roger Pearman, Ed.D.
The votes are in, the selection is over, and the people challenges--- like motivating others and inspiring innovation---win 80% of the votes for what is tough in business. Wayne Calloway, who built PepsiCo from a regional to an international cooperation said it best: “managing the numbers are easy, the people stuff is the tough stuff of management.” Every truism you can name gets listed on LinkedIn at least once a month—messages like “Train people enough so they can leave but treat them well enough so they will stay.” There has yet to be a study that reveals that in the typical organization expertise will hurdle you to the top and lead to endless influence. It is common in training programs for someone in the audience to say, “Wasn’t Steve Jobs a great leader? He transformed an industry and laid the foundation for the richest cooperation in the world.” My response: If you think that acting like Steve Jobs will enable you to be successful in your organization, please do so. If yelling at people, demeaning others’ contributions, and communicating more disgust than pleasure at others attempting to realize your vision, please go right on and do so. If that behavior will get the best out of those with whom you work, use the strategy. Jobs was a complex man with a passion and a vision about which he was relentless and he had the good fortune of having people around him who bought into that vision…..and enjoy the wealth from having done so. But one example does not negate research study after study for decades that leading people requires emotional intelligence, interpersonal savvy, and an ability to learn. And if it was so easy to do, everyone would have done so. People want three things and if you provide it, you can lead them anywhere. This webinar will look at the three keys of gaining alignment and commitment and the different paths to making them real with those with whom you lead…..coach…..facilitate……and even live with.

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