with Roger Pearman, Ed.D.
When I interview people about their bosses, I ask what one thing would make them more effective and 90% of the time the answer is, "be a better listener." When I ask bosses what they feel they need to do to lead others more effectively, 70% say, "be a better listener." When someone is identified as being "charismatic" in an organization, I ask people, what behavior really prompts the feeling that she or he is charismatic. 100% of the time people will say: "gives me his/her full attention and makes me feel that I’m the only person in the room because they listened to me." Neurologists say that when you look at electrical activity on the context, an individual who is really listening has a Christmas Tree brain—everything lights up. William James once reported that he knew he was really listening to another person when he broke out in a sweat. There are four "ears" you need to turn on when you want to really listen to another person and one specific action that can seal the deal of being known as a listener. To turn on those ears and to engage in the act of generous listening you have to address three barriers to listening effectively. If you are a leader, coach, facilitator, or just want to be a better partner, this webinar will give you those how tos…..and help you understand why getting there isn’t so easy.

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