Inspire Leadership, Deene Morris

The Leadership Dashboard is an amazing product which adds exceptional value both to me as a consultant and to my clients as the learners.  It offers a comprehensive, exceptionally well-developed and user friendly one-year leadership development and learning platform. Imagine walking into a library where everything about personality type and emotional intelligence is right at your fingertips – organized, categorized and available for instant identification and speedy application. That’s the Leadership Dashboard, by Matrix Insights, and it comes backed with expertise and support that is highly knowledgeable and committed to your success.


As a consultant, the benefits to me are innumerable.  I now stay in touch with my clients for an entire year, whether or not our assignments are short term or long term.  I am able to see my clients chosen areas of leadership development and easily create online assignments relevant to their development.  Additionally, Matrix Insights sends tailored, weekly insights under my name, which further reinforces our learning relationship together.  I cannot overstate the value that Matrix Insights and the Leadership Dashboard provide to me as a coach.

And my clients are equally enthusiastic!  First, they are surprised and delighted by the relevancy of their weekly insight tips.  I find them constantly talking about it and sharing their insights with one another. Additionally, they find the online resources invaluable, and access often when needing to flex or adapt their behavior for improved communication or conflict management.  They also find particularly useful the sections under stress – theirs and others. It has helped to defuse a number of tense situations.

The beauty of Matrix Insights is that learning is addressed on four different levels: Who am I? Who are you and I together? Who are we as a team or system together? And how do I create a specific, relevant and ongoing development plan?  Success is won through small steps and incremental gains, and Matrix insights provides this for you and your clients.

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