Program Savvy Consulting, Mary Beth Debus

What I love about Matrix Insight’s Leadership Dashboard is that I can offer the answer to the “now what?” question asked by most who take assessments. Simply identifying the styles and motivations on a team is very different than having access to guidance on how to work effectively with the team. A leader receiving feedback from direct reports on how she is stifling initiative isn’t nearly as powerful as that feedback with strategies for improving.

The best example I had of this was an executive thoughtfully replying to a difficult request by a direct report. He carefully composed a response and asked me to look at it. I read it and immediately knew that it would not be received well given the profile of the recipient of the message. I simply asked the executive to go back to the Development Insights, and review the summaries and the interplay between the two of them. While the content of the message remained the same, the communication of it changed dramatically. The executive said to me that he learned a lesson in that moment. He had a tool at his disposal that he failed to use.

I include the Matrix Insights subscriptions whenever I can. I like that even after I leave an engagement, I leave the team with powerful tools and resources to continue their development.

Mary Beth Debus, President
Program Savvy Consulting

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