Excellus BlueCross BlueShield , Chris Gorecki

I’ve never been a fan of HR tools. Then I saw Matrix Insights. I’ve been in corporate America for quite a while now, and I’ve seen many tools, and models that aspired to solve the challenges of team building, self-awareness, communication, and leadership. Almost universally I’ve found them all less helpful than they promised.

I’ve been using Matrix Insights for the last year, first with my manager, and peers. Now I’m using it with my reports, and the teams I work most closely with. We’ve even begun using it outside of my own department with Teams where we have ongoing working relationships that exceed traditional hierarchical boundaries. Because of what I’m learning from Matrix Insights, and the related changes I’m making in how I communicate, and collaborate, I’m a better colleague, a better leader, and even a better father.

I’ve changed for the better, both in how I communicate, and collaborate, but also how I listen, and decide. Matrix Insights has proven to be a tremendously helpful, and simple way for me to build not just self awareness, but beyond that arming me with specific, actionable strategies to build better relationships, foster superior team work, and realize the enviable workplace we all desire. I recommend Matrix insights without reservation.

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