The McGarvey Group, Laurie McGarvey

In my coaching practice, I have two things I swear by. One is “Crucial Conversations.” The other is the Leadership Dashboard by Matrix Insights. Matrix Insights makes my life vastly easier by hand delivering tailored resources, personalized insights and digital reminders to my learners. It’s like giving my learners each their very own digital, dynamic “User’s Guide for Your Brain.” For that reason it’s tremendous with individuals, and it’s also an epiphany with teams.

Matrix Insights is the real time, hyper-personalized development engine I’ve been dreaming of to power the process of making better teams and leaders. More engaging, sticky, and impactful than traditional ‘assessments” it’s also so easy, and so scalable (read, cost effective) that going back isn’t even realistic any more. I’d sooner buy a rotary phone, or a film camera.

I use several of the new “processments” (particularly EQ Agility, Interaction Styles, and Essential Motivators). I also make extensive use of the Action Planning, and TeamPulse features. It’s a powerhouse. In the future everyone will have access to this sort of toolset, and I’m doing my part to introduce it to as many people as possible so I can credibly say I was doing it before it was a household name.

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