Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science, Michael V. Testani

At the Watson School of Engineering we’ve begun integrating the Leadership Dashboard (by Matrix Insights) into how we train tomorrow’s engineers. We believe in making people skills central to how we equip our students to design their careers, and indeed their lives.

I subscribe my students to the Leadership Dashboard, which is simple, scalable, and personalized courseware. It’s great for teaching things like Emotional Intelligence, but it’s really like giving students a digital, “User’s Guide for Your Brain.” In engineering terms, it’s a guide to your own technology stack, the one in your head. And because it has a social dimension, it engages and empowers a learning experience around Team dynamics for project groups as well.

I use the Leadership Dashboard in my Systems Design class, and we assigned the Interaction Styles, and EQ Agility processments. I rapidly saw measurable impacts from the experience. Students found the “processments” to be very insightful and we talked in class about our Insights and new learning each week. I even had a colleague on faculty comment on this team’s ‘cohesiveness’ being one of the best he’s seen; which is directly related to the Interaction Styles, and EQ Agility courseware that powered our project group.

I also ran a Design Thinking workshop in 2018 using EQ Agility, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Participants in the workshop reported an 82% Net Promoter Score. I attribute that in part to how we incorporated EQ Agility to really unpack how Emotional Competencies like Empathy, Insightfulness, and Listening Generously power a Design Thinking ethic.

Thank you to Matrix Insights, and the Leadership Dashboard ! This resource is overdue, and destined to become standard issue for every self aware individual, and every high performing team.

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